KN95 Face Mask 5 Layer - CE/ECM Certified - 5 Pack

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KN95 Filter Mask reduces the risk from Covid-19. Lab tested and clinically proven to prevent the risk of infection. Filters out viruses, bacteria, dust, chemicals, particles, pollen and smoke.

This KN95 mask helps protects adults while performing daily activities. This upgraded KN95 dust mask is equipped with five layers of filtration technology to create healthy air. It is suitable for cycling, running, polishing, grocery shopping, mowing, wood processing and other outdoor activities. When properly fitted, this mask has a 95% filtration efficiency to help block and protect you from toxic particles in the air. The mask is not intended as replacement for a gas mask and should not be substituted for a medical mask.


  • CE/ECM Certified – GB2626 Standards
  • Active carbon high-filtration mask with 5 layers
  • Up To 50 Times Protection Against Non-Toxic Dusts, Fibers & Aqueous Mists
  • High Filtration Efficiency and Low Breathing Resistance
  • Adjustable Nose Clip
  • Easy to Store Due to Fold Flat design
  • KN95 has a 95% success rate in blocking particles with a diameter of 0.075 microns

5-Layer Protection

  • Layer 1: Leak Proof Non-Woven Cotton
  • Layer 2: Ethylene-Propylele Polyolefin Fiber
  • Layer 3: Air Cotton Filtration Layer
  • Layer 4: Ethylene-Propylele Polyolefin Fiber
  • Layer 5: Soft Skin Contact Layer

How to Wear:

Put the mask on and adjust it so that your mouth and nose is fully covered. Adjust according to your comfort. Use both hands to put your mask on and avoid disturbing the mask’s seal across your face. You’ll need to test the tightness of your mask by taking a deep breath and exhaling from your nose. If you feel air leaking from the nose piece, adjust the nose clip accordingly. You can also adjust the bands and reposition your ear piece to get a tighter fit.